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About Me

Page history last edited by Ian Kimber 3 years, 2 months ago


Ian Kimber's Web Pages


This picture was taken for my bus pass and new photocard driving license in February 2009




    My original site picture                 a less forbidding picture              December 2020


Everything in here is always under construction, you're welcome to come in and look but mind the holes! 


  • Ian Kimber Background


  •  Old CV This is just my old CV when I was working first at EMI CRL and later as a science and technology consultant


  • SC1 Who am I  This is a very brief autobiographical note that is updated from time to time

  • Wave Ski surfing  About my favourite sport a  few years ago  and leads to The British Wave Ski Association's home pages. 

  • a1surf.com This is A surfing gateway website that I was involved with featured my Woolacombe Beach Wave camera and used to post wave forecasts for the British Isles there under the pseudonym of "Soul Surfer".   The camera image link  http://www.a1surf.com/woolacombe/surf-report.aspx  Sorry the camera is no longer active it failed and I have not replaced it yet.

  • Naked Scientists Website  I used to regularly contribute to and answer questions on science in the naked Scientists forum under the pseudonym of "soul surfer" This forum is accessed through this page.





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