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Evolutionary Philosophy

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This is a set of pages containing information that I would like to get a wider circulation and some serious expert peer analysis.


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Evolutionary Philosophy


  • This is a name I coined some years ago to describe some ideas that I would like to publicise and share via the web



  • The most wonderful thing about our corner of the universe is how simple physical laws have lead to the emergence of complexity which through evolution have resulted in us!


  • Evolutionary philosophy starts with the emergent properties of the basic laws of nature and derives a guide to the forming of models for prediction and action.


  • Important features of these ideas are a practical, empirical and non supernatural view of reality that leads to a model for action that leaves room for and encourages many of the positive attributes of traditional experience for example, religion and religious practice.


  • To follow the more philosophical route click on the link to this page  Introduction  and use the Outsiders route the Insiders route is intended for people coming to this from a religious background.


  • A further extension of these ideas  is leading towards the possibility that even the laws of physics themselves could have evolved in a way that enables this complexity. 


  • This has now resulted in the creation of a concept of Evolutionary cosmology and in November 2015 


*An evolutionary Cosmology


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