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*The 2020 version abstract

Page history last edited by Ian Kimber 3 years, 4 months ago


Explaining why there are now two versions of this page

I have created a version with the same name *An evolutionary Cosmology as the link on my "front door"  webpage

I use this back office wiki because it is much easier to work thinking, filing and linking ideas that using standard web page tools.

I agree it is much plainer than using web pages but it is the text, links and images that are the most important.

Ian Kimber



The 2020 Version abstract


New Thinking in Cosmology +


Looking at our current understanding of the universe in a slightly different way that is fully compatible with current thinking, can result in a fully worked out Episodic Cyclic Cosmology that could even be a fully Evolutionary Cosmology.    This cosmology also possibly explains several problems with the understanding of current observations whch are essentially problematic in our current open ended "big bang" model.   These are:-  

  1. How and why matter rather than antimatter dominates our universe.  
  2. Why and how dark energy and dark matter make up such a large proportion of our universe.
  3. Give understandable physical explanations of the quantum mechanical conundrums of superposition and entanglement.
  4. Produce a solid model of a "complete theory of everything" which not only includes a full explanation of our physical laws but explains why they are what the are and how they work together do produce a universe like ours, which developed not by a happy accident, but a process of physical selection.


An "Episodic Cyclic Cosmology" is one in which only part of an existing universe collapses releasing enough gravitational energy to create a new universe similar, in many respects, to its originating universe, but cut off from its parent universe by an event horizon.  


The process is that the core collapse of a large star made of matter at the end of its life to produce a stellar mass black hole and a supernova explosion in our universe can result in a Big Bang expanding universe consisting of antimatter in new dimensions of space time without contradicting observation, causality or thermodynamics.  It is also suggested that there is solid mathematical evidence for this going right back to the first ideas of quantum theory and that there is a fair chance that confirming measurements may be made of these ideas and may even have already been made.


The pivotal concept of this model is that the continued collapse of a rotating black hole (Kerr black hole), inside its event horizons, towards the ring singularity in a matter(antimatter) universe creating a structure with one dimension of space and three complex dimensions of time, drives the expansion of a universe of antimatter (matter), similar to our "big bang" universe, with time in the reverse direction and three complex dimensions of space in the dimensions that were previously time.  


This is also precisely the eleven dimensional structures preferred by current string theories and fits with preferred symmetry structures and explains the undetectable "ghost" particles that come out of the mathematics.


I am seriously looking for peer review of these ideas because If they are correct and I have not made a fundamental mistake they could be as significant to physical thinking at the origin of Relativity and Quantum mechanics.


Ian Kimber Tiverton Devon  30 December 2020


0 A Personal Preface


1 Introduction


1-1 A Philosophical Introduction


1-2 A Scientific Introduction


1-3 A Mathematical Introduction


2 Our Universe as Observed and Modelled


3 The Basic requirements for a cyclic universe


4 The Continued Collapse inside Black Hole


5 A more detailed analysis of a Rotating black hole inside its event horizon


6 Towards an evolutionary process







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